SMD Assembly

Our PCB assembly solutions cover conventional and SMT assembly. The manual assembly is carried out by highly skilled professional team. The SMT assembly is done by one of the latest high precision machines. Those integrated automatic production lines provide rapid, cost-efficient and qualitative mounting. All processes are completed in ESD protected rules. We are familiar with LEAN production, implementing 5S and JIT (just in time) methods.

SMD capacity and assembly:

  • SMD components with packages 0201 to 55 mm2, connectors – 58 000 components per hour (IPC 9850)
  • Automatic SMD assembly for series production with Reflow-soldering and glue-technology
  • 2 HighTech SMD lines from the latest generation by JUKI with 2 integrated automats and a lead-free ovens for Reflow-soldering Vitronics and Heller
  • 2-D inspection for paste printing
  • Manual SMD assembly for prototypes and small series
  • Mounting of small bodies
  • BGA and uBGA
  • Supply and assembly of exotic elements
  • 100 % traceability – barcode system

Heller MK3 1809

  • 12 Zones for heating – up and down
  • 2 Zones with cooling system

Vitronics Soltec MR933

  • 12 Zones for heating – up and down
  • 2 Zones with water cooling